Saturday, April 16, 2011

'Reveal Party' [day 3]

We already had our Cali vacay planned & thought it would be fun to have a small little 'Reveal Party' to share the gender w/our close friends & family, since they miss SO much w/us being 3,000 miles away [thx to the Army]! But, once a party was mentioned...the guest list quickly grew. :] Awesome, the more...the merrier!
Obviously, we strayed from the norm pink/blue and decided to go with a purple/green theme. Which there was plenty
Looks like everyone is voting...BOY!
...even our fabulous blog readers, thought boy!
My little brother made this cake...and our cupcakes! No experience in baking or pastry's, he just whipped this up from scratch...uhmmm pretty amazing!Purple = Girl...Green = BoyIt's a GIRL!!!Let the mama eat cake...
{Party People}
.step-mom & aunt Laura. .auntie Elaine & the little lovins. .Kai & Shauna. [believe it or not...this is niece & auntie] .my oldest & dearest friend @ the party. .doing the mama thing since 1997. .they'll always be our 'babies'.
.skyping w/my sister in Utah.
.dad, uncle Mark, brother, hubby.
And a VERY special sister Jerrica!
.auntie & kai 'bout to duke it out.
People every where...inside, outside, upstairs, much for our 'little' party!
{Party Favors}
Mini flower pots w/seeds...ties in with the babies name!
Chloe: Verdant & Blooming .lollipops & personalized tags.
Guess it was a good
.24 weeks.
I really want to thank everyone who came & celebrated with us! We are VERY excited about this new & final addition to our family...I also want to add a {BIG} special thanks to my mom for hosting the party and my brother who slaved over fondant making the was a fabulous day! I'm so grateful for all our wonderful friends & family...we're so lucky.

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